Gratitude Party

On October 15, 2015 client Heyson Leach through a thank you party to the design team that did her house at 1288 Angelo Dr, Beverly Hills. That included Michael Kovak, James Magni and Otoniel Solis. It’s nice to have clients that appreciate the hard work put into these custom homes.

Media Coverage

When I first learned of the festival of Sukkot and the practice of building a sukkah – a temporary shelter that protects one from the elements – in one’s own backyard, I thought of how wonderful a teaching tool it must be. Taking their meals in this little hut for week, a family will have meaningful conversations about the fragility of life, how they’re grateful to have a house with plumbing and heating and, most important, about the hardships their ancestors endured while wandering the desert.



This work is a brief architectural study between man, his environment and nature. The perpetual paradox of the habitat is that its ultimate goal is to shield and subtract man from nature. While one part of our inner self is drawn to nature, the other half looks for the psychological relief of shelter and dwelling. This duality is observed and resolved in the hexagram sukkah. With a heavily angular and intrepid geometrical hand, the design refers the works of the mind and celebrates the spirit of invention of man.

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Mattel Children’s Hospital

On April 17, Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA presented the inaugural Kaleidoscope Ball at the Beverly Hills Hotel to benefit the UCLA Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute (CDII). The event raised nearly than $1.8 Million.

A+D Museum

On April 27, 2010 A+D Museum in Los Angeles hosted CELEBRATE 2010, a Grand Opening Exhibit and inaugural Fundraising Event to celebrate the newly established Museum, a select group of Los Angeles’ preeminent architects and designers whose support of A+D has enabled our move to become a firmly situated cultural institution.